Executive Recruitment post Pandemic


Specialising in Director and Senior Manager roles in SMEs I am all too aware that any suggestion of uncertainty leads to a downturn in recruitment activity.  SMEs will spread the work around, make do with who they have and if they do recruit it is more likely to be at a more junior level.  But, dare we whisper it quietly, it does now - finally - feel that the market is starting to pick up, albeit very, very slowly.

So, what does this mean for the senior candidate?  I think the best advice is to tread cautiously and to be very aware of your own circumstances and how this impacts on your willingness to take risk.  As the economy picks up post pandemic and businesses feel sufficiently confident to look to a more positive future, the recruitment market will return.  In  the meantime:

Some recommendations

  • Do not take any risk that you cannot afford and double up at the very least on your due diligence if you are looking at a new opportunity.

  • Use the time to revamp your cv to ensure it opens doors for you.  Keep it to two to three pages, detail achievements rather than lists of tasks, highlight your key skills and sector expertise.  Make it look professional and easy to read.

  • Identify which contacts can help you, especially professional advisers who may have clients who could benefit from your expertise.  Many companies will be reluctant to pay a recruitment fee but will gladly accept the recommendation of a trusted adviser.

  • Businesses may also respond positively to a direct and well-targeted approach providing it is well worded and demonstrating the potential upside to them of engaging in discussions with you.

  • Choose your recruitment contacts wisely. Many will be under tremendous pressure to deliver fees which will sadly lead to some poor practices. Determine how well they know the recruiting business and whether they really do have a mandate to recruit.

Quote from Caryn Musker


Now is not the time to be taking a risk with your career. Use the downturn to professionalise your cv, build your contact base and make carefully targeted approaches.

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